Latin Hollywood Films Launches Multicultural Television Sizzle Reel Upfronts During Hispanic Heritage Month

Los Angeles, CA/ Sept. 13, 2016/ — Latin Hollywood Films (, in association with Latin Heat Media Institute, a non-profit organization, will host the first Multicultural Television Sizzle Reel Upfronts, a series of industry events designed to spotlight independently-produced, cross-cultural programming for mainstream broadcast networks and advertisers. The invitation-only trade events will take place in New York on Sept. 30th and LA on Oct. 13th. 

The Multicultural Television Sizzle Reel Upfronts will present a slate of English-language content with multicultural, Hispanic and African-American creatives and talent. in categories ranging from drama, sitcom, reality, interactive talk to children’s programming. The events are produced by award-winning actress, comedienne and CEO and executive producer of Latin Hollywood Films, Kiki Melendez. 

“We created this platform because it is time for us to tell our own stories,” said Melendez, who directed the documentary, “Journey of a Female Comic.” “We want to show the world how we want to be portrayed on mainstream television and make a historical contribution to the future of multicultural talent in Hollywood.” 

The promotional reels and pilots feature Yancey Arias (“Bosch”), Emilio Rivera (“Sons of Anarchy”), Sofia Milos (“CSI: Miani”) and other top names like Zulay Henao, Chelsea Rendon, Joseph Julian Soria, Rene Rosado, Guy Ecker, Will Rothhaar, Jason Gedrick, Ilia Volok, Nancy Linehan Charles, Shari Belafonte, Doug Williams, Jorge Diaz, Gabrielle Walsh, Noemi Gonzalez, Bella Shepard, Robert Avellanet and Jessica Mezza.

“I have made it my life’s goal to create universal stories that represent the evolution and diversity of people in this country,” said Yancey Arias.  “I am grateful to Kiki for these events that showcase talented Latinos in front and behind the camera.” 

The projects were directed by actor and comedian, Paul Rodriguez, as well as Greg Wilson (The Girl Next Door), Erick Crespo (Confessions of A Womanizer), Craig Moss (Bad Ass), and Melendez (Hail Mary). Writers Jon Macks (The Academy Awards), and Rudy Mella (One Life to Live) also contributed.

Latin Hollywood Films also tapped television producers Julia Carias’-Linares (Married at First Sight), Lino Garcia (ESPN) and Evette Vargas (Dark Prophet) to bring the Multicultural Television Sizzle Reel Upfronts to life. The series is executive produced by Moss, Sarkis Semerjyan and Arson Pananyan from Jear Entertainment LLC. Hollywood firm Pierce Law Group LLP served as legal counsel.

For more information contact  Roxelana Trinidad at or 424 832 7088. 

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