Latin Hollywood Films
Mission Statement
Latin Hollywood Films  was created with  the goal of telling stories
f o r a n d a b o u t t h e La t i n o c ommu n i t y . Th e s e s t o r i e s c a n p r o v i d e s o c i a l
c omme n t a r y i n a n e n t e r t a i n i n g wa y a n d g i v e l i f e t o c h a r a c t e r s wh o s e v o i c e s
n e e d t o b e h e a r d—t h o s e o f t e n ma r g i n a l i z e d o r l e f t o u t o f t r a d i t i o n a l
n a r r a t i v e s .
There is an increased need for content that caters to this community in the rapidly growing television
and cinematic markets. By combining both established and up-and-coming talent with seasoned film & TV
professionals, our goal is to create projects that will flourish both creatively and financially. We believe the
timing is excellent to get involved in the entertainment industry and specifically, in the Latino film & TV
market. With a team of bright and talented filmmakers, writers & producers, we will deliver high quality
content to provide commercial entertainment that can be enjoyed by communities of all ages and backgrounds.
LATIN HOLLYWOOD FILMS is weighted toward success in the entertainment marketplace through these
main factors:
DIVERSIFICATION – LATIN HOLLYWOOD FILMS owns a diversified portfolio of high quality screenplays in
popular genres.
AUTHENTIC CONTENT – Engaging, experienced and savvy professionals, we will produce high quality content
that will resonate with its core audience as well as create opportunities for profitability for its principals and
MULITPLE DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS – The numerous potential media outlets includes domestic and
foreign theatrical, television, cable, satellite, DVD, New Media and all other ancillary rights — all licensing and sale
opportunities for LATIN HOLLYWOOD FILMS.
LATIN HOLLYWOOD FILMS is a production company that holds established relationships with networks,
studios, production companies, actors, writers and directors and will utilize these contacts to create, produce and
sell content worldwide.
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